Scalable Capital surpasses €10 billion in client assets

  • Client assets doubled within 12 months
  • Investment platform combines wealth management, brokerage and crypto offerings
  • Erik Podzuweit, co-founder and co-CEO of Scalable Capital: ‘We want to make Europe a continent of investors.’

Munich, 16.08.2022. Scalable Capital has exceeded the ten-billion-euro mark in client assets. Within one year, the company has more than doubled client assets. With more than 600,000 clients on its platform, Scalable Capital is one of the leading digital investment platforms in Europe and one of the fastest growing European FinTechs.

‘In just a few years, our assets went from zero to ten billion euro. We’re delighted about this milestone, especially in view of the current challenging market environment. It shows that investors remain focused on their long-term wealth accumulation’, says Erik Podzuweit, co-founder and co-CEO of Scalable Capital. ‘This achievement further motivates us to enhance our offering and expand our investment platform across Europe. The entire team continues to deliver outstanding work. Together, we want to make Europe a continent of investors – and we are just getting started!’

Since its founding in 2014, Scalable Capital has pursued the mission of empowering everyone to become an investor. With this aim, it has consistently made use of cost-effective financial instruments like ETFs, both with its digital wealth management and later with its online broker. As a recent analysis shows, ETFs (exchange-traded funds) are by far the most popular investment category in the Scalable Broker: Two thirds of the clients invest in ETFs which, for instance, replicate stock market indices such as the MSCI World. In this context, the younger the investor, the more popular the ETF is, with almost three quarters of the 18- to 26-year-olds investing in ETFs vs only 60 percent of over 65s. The data shows how Scalable Capital has introduced young investors to long term and diversified investing with its simple and affordable brokerage offering.

In recent years, Scalable Capital has continuously enhanced its offering. Following the launch of the neo broker in 2020, the company launched a crypto offering at the end of last year. With ‘Scalable Crypto’, clients can invest in cryptocurrencies easily and intuitively via secure access to regulated exchanges in Germany. A separate wallet is not required, as the crypto securities are held in the clients’ existing brokerage account.

In addition, the company has lowered the entry hurdles over time and thus made it possible for an even broader group of people to invest in the capital market. For example, the original minimum investment amount of 10,000 euro applicable for Scalable’s digital wealth management has been significantly reduced. Since the end of 2021, every client can start investing with just 20 euro per month via a savings plan. One-off investments without a savings plan are possible from as little as 1,000 euro. Scalable Broker clients can invest in stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies using savings plans from as little as 1 euro - without any order fees. In digital wealth management, Scalable Capital recently launched ‘Wealth Select’ with eight additional ETF-based investment strategies. This allows investors to have their assets managed in a way that is even more tailored to their preferences.

Furthermore, Scalable Capital is continuing its path to becoming the leading digital investment platform across Europe. Investors in France, Spain, Italy and Austria now also have easy, low-cost access to trading and savings plans in stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies. The company thus already reaches 60 percent of the population in the European Union.

About Scalable Capital

Scalable Capital is a leading digital investment platform in Europe that makes investing easy and affordable for everyone. With the Scalable Broker, clients can trade stocks, ETFs, funds, cryptocurrencies themselves and build their own portfolios. They can have their investments professionally managed via the digital wealth management service. More than 600,000 clients already use the services.

Scalable Capital was founded in 2014 and is already active in Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, and the UK. The investment firm, which is supervised by BaFin and the Bundesbank, has more than 10 billion euros on its platform. In addition to its business for private clients, the company operates B2B solutions. Its long-standing partners include ING, Barclays Bank in the UK, the robo-advisor Oskar and the Santander Group in Spain. Scalable Capital employs more than 400 people at its offices in Munich, Berlin and London. Together with the founding and management team around Erik Podzuweit and Florian Prucker, they strive to empower everyone to become an investor.

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