Scalable Broker: How do deposits and withdrawals work?

January 15, 2021  |  Scalable Capital
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You have successfully opened your broker deposit and now want to trade shares, ETFs, funds, derivatives or crypto: To make sure you can start as quickly as possible, we have summarised the most important aspects for you.

Update: We have responded to numerous client requests: From April 4, 2022, order fees will be conveniently and easily deducted directly from the cash balance.

How much credit do I need?
There is no minimum order volume in the Scalable Broker. However, you need credit in order to be able to make securities purchases. So in order to be able to start trading shares, ETFs, funds, derivatives or crypto immediately, a deposit is recommended depending on the desired amount of securities purchases. Order fees for trades are deducted directly from the cash balance.

Savings plan amount can be deducted from the cash balance as well or be withdrawn from the current account.

How do I deposit money?
Deposits to your clearing account can be made in several ways.

The fastest way is real-time payment via Instant. Payments via Instant are available within a few seconds for the purchase of securities. The deposit amount is collected by SEPA direct debit from your reference account. For more information, please refer to the client documents. Fees apply for payment via Instant.

Alternatively, you can transfer the desired amount or deposit by SEPA direct debit. The IBAN for the transfer to your clearing account can be found in your personal client area under "Payments" and "Transfer". Please enter your name as the recipient. Transfers have to be made from your deposited reference account. Payments from other accounts are not permitted and will be rejected by the custodian bank. The amount will be automatically transferred back to you.

When can I start trading?
After your securities account has been opened and you have made your first deposit, it takes approximately two banking days for the money to be available. After that you can start trading immediately. If you have sold securities, you can immediately buy new securities with the proceeds.

Do I have to set up a standing order for savings plans?
For savings plans, you can choose between a direct debit from the cash balance or a direct debit from your current account.
If you choose the "Direct debit from the cash balance" option, you should ensure that your cash balance is sufficiently funded at the time the savings plan is executed. If the cash balance does not have sufficient funds, the amount will automatically be debited from your current account.

Why has my savings plan not yet been debited?
Direct debit: The savings plans are debited from your current account by SEPA direct debit depending on the specified execution date and interval. If you have set up several savings plans for the same execution day, only one direct debit will be collected for all savings plans. If, for example, you save for three securities of 100 euros each on the 2nd of the month, we will collect 300 euros from your current account in one collective direct debit. We instruct the payments in good time before the desired execution date. Once credited to your brokerage account, the savings amount does not increase your available credit balance as it is reserved for the savings plan. The purchase is automatically instructed by us, you do not need to do anything else.

Debit from the cash balance: The savings plans are debited from your cash balance depending on the specified execution date and interval. Make sure that your cash balance is sufficiently funded at the time of the savings plan execution. If your cash balance does not have sufficient funds, the amount will automatically be debited from your current account.

Why was my entire savings plan sum not invested?
In order to be able to invest your savings plan as fully as possible, we also buy fractions of ETFs, shares and crypto ETPs. However, fractions can only be traded up to the third decimal place. To ensure that the savings amount is not exceeded, the fractions purchased for you may therefore be rounded down. It may therefore happen that your savings instalment cannot be invested at all or only partially.

How can I make withdrawals?
You can request a withdrawal via the menu item "Payments" in your client area. Please note that deposits made by SEPA direct debit or Instant may not be paid out or used for the purchase of derivatives until after eight weeks. This is because direct debits can be revoked within the first eight weeks. After these eight weeks, cash balances from direct debits can be paid out at any time.

Please also note that your clearing account is generally not a payment transaction account and is used exclusively for the settlement of securities transactions.

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