2.3% interest on your cash

Earn interest and invest commission-free with the Scalable PRIME+ Broker.

There are risks associated with investing.

Interest: Starting 01/02/2023 for PRIME+. Cash account at Baader Bank AG. Variable rate up to €100,000. Learn more.

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+ €10 bn.

in client assets

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Custody of securities with
a German custodian bank

Your money earns more - with PRIME+.

2.3% interest p.a.


For up to €100,000 cash deposit


Quarterly interest payments


Deposits and withdrawals at any time

Trading flat rate: Unlimited trading of shares, ETFs, funds and derivatives

Unlimited savings plans on ETFs and shares

Unlimited number of portfolio groups and price alerts

Earn interest
- in just a few steps

Receive interest in just a few steps: Open a Scalable PRIME+ Broker account, deposit up to EUR 100,000 and receive quarterly interest!

How to get interest with Scalable

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2.3% p.a. interest on cash


For up to €100,000 cash


Interest paid quarterly


Deposit and withdraw at any time


No minimum term

Available in PRIME+ Broker with trading flat rate


Goldman Sachs fixed-interest bond


3.1% p.a., no maximum investment amount


Term until 20.03.2026 (3 years)


No minimum holding periods, can also be sold before maturity


Tradable in all broker plans (FREE, PRIME, PRIME+)

Invest now

Bond Portfolio

Automatically with


3.5% target return*


From €20 savings plan or €1,000 one-off investment


No minimum holding periods


With the InterestInvest strategy at Scalable Wealth

Invest now

There are risks associated with investing.

* The target return is variable and amounts to 3.5% per year before costs as of 03.03.2023. It was determined as the weighted effective yield of the portfolio components using data from the issuers. The total cost per year amounts to 0.93% and has a yield-reducing effect. They consist of product costs (0.18%) as well as asset management and trading costs (0.75%). Investments entail risks. The stated target return is a forecast and not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Frequently asked questions

Can existing customers also receive interest?

Yes, all existing PRIME+ Broker customers (formerly PRIME Broker flex, with monthly payment) will automatically receive interest on their cash up to €100,000 from 1 February 2023.

If you do not yet use the PRIME+ broker, simply change the broker model in the customer area under "Products" and benefit from the interest. The interest is calculated on a daily basis and paid out quarterly to the clearing account.

Switching from the PRIME Broker (with annual payment)? No problem, the annual fee already paid is automatically refunded proportionately.

Is there a fixed holding period for the credit?

There is no minimum holding period, the interest offer is available daily. Interest is calculated – starting 1 February 2023 – to the day and paid out quarterly.

Where is my cash held and how is it protected?

Balances are held by Baader Bank AG and are protected by the German EdB deposit protection scheme up to a deposit amount of €100,000 and beyond that by the Deposit Protection Fund of Private Banks (BdB). Further information on the scope of protection provided by the Deposit Protection Fund can be found here.

You have to pay fees for PRIME+ - does the interest offer pay off at all?

For only €4.99 per month, PRIME+ offers the highest interest rates*, trading without order fees, unlimited savings plans and many helpful features. With portfolio groups, you always keep an overview, recognise adverse price movements early on with price alerts and can calculate the execution probabilities of limit or stop orders with "Smart Predict".

*Starting 01/02/2023 for PRIME+. Cash account at Baader Bank AG. Variable rate up to €100,000. Learn more

Scalable Capital interest - is there a catch?

The interest in the Scalable PRIME+ Broker is calculated – starting 1 February 2023 – to the day and paid quarterly to your clearing account. Your cash is held with the German custodian bank, Baader Bank AG, and is subject to German deposit protection.

Do I have to pay tax on interest?

Like dividends or profits from the sale of securities, interest is considered investment income and is subject to a final withholding tax. This is paid automatically. The respective taxes are withheld by the custodian bank, taking into account exemption orders and loss pots, if applicable, and forwarded to the tax office.

This only applies to persons who are liable to pay tax in Germany. Persons who are liable to pay tax outside Germany are obliged to determine and pay the applicable taxes themselves. Please note that Scalable Capital does not provide tax advice in this regard. If you have any questions regarding your individual tax situation, please contact your tax advisor or your tax office.

The amount of capital gains tax/solidarity surcharge paid on your behalf can be found in your personal client area. To do so, please log into your personal client area on our website, open the menu item "Profile" and click on "Taxes".

When will I receive the interests?

Interests will be calculated to the day and paid out quarterly from 1 February 2023. After the end of a calendar quarter, you will receive the interest on your broker account. For the first quarter, the payment will be made in April, for the second quarter in July, etc.

How safe are my money and my investments? What happens in case of insolvency of Scalable Capital or the partner bank (Baader Bank AG)?

Balances are held by Baader Bank AG. In case of insolvency of Baader Bank, the balance of your clearing account is protected by the statutory deposit protection of the EdB up to a deposit amount of 100,000 euros (see details at www.edb-banken.de) and beyond that by the Deposit Protection Fund of private banks (BdB). Further information on the scope of protection of the Baader Bank by the Deposit Protection Fund can be found here.

In the event of insolvency of the custodian bank, you have a claim to surrender of your securities. These do not fall into the insolvency estate and are therefore also protected.

As a securities institution, Scalable Capital is not authorized to take possession or ownership of customer assets. The assets of the customers are held in custody by our partner bank. In the event of Scalable Capital's insolvency, the client assets will therefore not fall into the insolvency estate of Scalable Capital GmbH.

Furthermore, Scalable Capital GmbH is assigned to the Compensatory Fund of Securities Trading Companies (EdW). The EdW can pay compensation if an institution is no longer able to fulfill its "liabilities from securities transactions" to its customers for reasons directly related to its financial situation (and BaFin has determined the case for compensation).


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