What are ETFs?

ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are investment funds that track certain stock market indices - for example the DAX. ETFs make it possible to invest broadly and cost-effectively with just one investment.

There are risks associated with investing.

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Advantages of ETFs

What are the reasons for investing in ETFs?

Low costs: ETFs largely eliminate cost blocks for distribution, analyst teams and fund management. This keeps management costs low.

Diversification: With ETFs, investors can invest in a broadly diversified index via a single security, even if they only have a small amount at their disposal. The MSCI World Index, for example, comprises more than 1,600 shares from 23 industrialised nations.

Performance: Numerous academic studies show that the vast majority of active fund managers underperform the benchmark index over the long term. Over the past ten years, only a good ten percent of managers in Europe managed to beat the index, according to a recent study by S&P Dow Jones.

Transparency and flexibility: Since the composition of the indices is publicly known, the current positions in the ETF portfolio are known - at least in the case of physical ETFs. Because ETFs are traded on the stock exchange, investors can also call up the current price for an ETF, trade units and track performance at any time.

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Under the Xtrackers brand, DWS offers more than 200 ETFs on various asset classes. More than 140 billion US dollars in assets under management are invested in Xtrackers ETFs. In 2007, Xtrackers started as a specialist for synthetically replicating ETFs; today, physical and synthetically replicating ETFs are part of the product range.

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Amundi ETF is the leading European ETF provider with over €227 billion in assets under
management. Amundi offers a wide and innovative range of over 300 ETFs at a competitive price, giving investors the power of choice to achieve their goals: from key portfolio building blocks to the widest selection of responsible ETFs in the European market.

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iShares is the ETF division of BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager. iShares has $1.85 trillion under management in its ETFs. The offering comprises more than 800 ETFs worldwide, of which more than 300 are available to investors in Germany. iShares ETFs benefit from BlackRock's expertise in portfolio and risk management.

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