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iShares is a leading global provider of exchange-traded index funds(ETFs) with a range of over 1,250 funds and more than twenty years of experience. As part of BlackRock, iShares ETFs use expertise and innovation to drive progress in the financial industry and for the investors. Whether you're getting your first taste of ETFs or looking to optimise your portfolio, the wide range of cost-effective ETFs will help you navigate the ever-evolving ETF landscape.

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Three letters for a sustainable future: ESG, which is the English abbreviation for certain criteria relating to the environment (E=Environment), social issues (S=Social) and corporate management (G=Governance). Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in many areas of life, including investing. iShares offers the widest range of sustainable ETFs, allowing you to invest according to your individual financial and sustainability goals.

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The world is changing: Megatrends are powerful transformative forces that can influence the development of the global economy. Because they change the priorities that societies set themselves, drive innovation and redefine business models. Their influence can affect not only how we live and spend our money, but also political action and corporate strategies.

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Portfolio construction

Portfolio structure with ETFs: With ETFs, you can invest widely with just one investment - but ideally you combine several ETFs into a portfolio, whether as a one-off investment or as a savings plan. It is important to build a solid foundation for the core of your portfolio, and the inexpensive core ETFs are particularly suitable for this.

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Sustainable multi-asset solutions

One click to the portfolio: The portfolios put together by BlackRock experts help you to invest your money as diversified as possible as easily as possible - and to do so sustainably. BlackRock offers Europe's first sustainable multi-asset solution, giving you access to a diverse range of stocks and bonds worldwide.

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The savings book of the 21st century

Saving with iShares ETFs: iShares offers a total of over 400 ETFs, most of which are also available as savings plans. ETF savings plans are inexpensive, transparent and flexible. It's no wonder that this relaxed way of investing is becoming increasingly popular.

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iShares has been a leader in the ETF market for more than two decades. As part of BlackRock, iShares products are developed by disciplined investment professionals with extensive risk management experience.


BlackRock offers more than 2,500 products, including over 1,300 ETFs and over 1,200 index funds*


Million - Estimated number of investors worldwide


Trillion US dollars of assets under management in iShares products globally

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