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November 21, 2023  |  Scalable Capital
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Do you already have a securities account but want to switch to Scalable Wealth? Then we have a special service for you: the securities account transfer.

Do you want to transfer your portfolio that you have built up yourself or a portfolio you have at another asset management company to Scalable Wealth? With our securities account transfer service, many of your securities can be transferred to us easily and free of charge.

This is how the transfer works:

  1. You open an account at Scalable Wealth and choose an investment strategy.
  2. You request the transfer from our client success team at We will then initiate all the necessary steps.
  3. Securities in your outgoing account will be sold.
  4. The liquid funds from the securities sales are reinvested according to your chosen investment strategy.

Start the custody account transfer to Scalable Wealth now

You want to transfer your securities account to Scalable Broker. Find more info here.

What does the account transfer cost?

Scalable Capital will take care of the securities account transfer for you free of charge. We also pay the sales fees for most securities, which you would have to pay yourself if you sold them yourself. In addition, you may incur the following costs:

  • Fees when selling on foreign stock exchanges.
  • Deposit closure fees charged by your previous bank.
  • Redemption fees for certain securities may reduce the proceeds.

Can all securities be transferred?

Securities that can be traded on German or major international stock exchanges are generally transferable. Our partner bank, Baader Bank, can also sell certain securities over the counter. We check the tradability before the transfer. If Baader Bank cannot trade the securities, you must sell them yourself via your custodian bank. It is possible to transfer a custody account from a domestic bank without any problems, but not all foreign banks support the process.

How are gains and losses dealt with?

When a complete securities account is transferred, the loss pots are also transferred. Banks keep two such pots for all investors, one for stocks and one for losses from capital assets that are not stock losses ("Other"). If we sell the transferred securities for you, you may realise gains. These are automatically offset against previous losses that are in your loss pots. This reduces your capital gains tax.

If the sale after the securities account transfer results in losses because you once bought the securities at a higher price, these losses will be transferred to your loss pots in your new securities account at Baader Bank. This happens automatically, you don't have to worry about it. Important: Losses from stock sales can only be offset against realised stock gains. As Scalable Capital only invests in ETFs, there are no stock gains that you can offset against stock losses. In order to claim such losses anyway, you can have a loss certificate issued for your tax return.

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