Scalable Capital launches in France and Spain

  • Neo broker and crypto offering live in France and Spain, more European countries to follow
  • Broad investment universe with 6,000 stocks, and more than 1,600 ETFs and 2,200 funds as well as all major cryptocurrencies available in both countries
  • International team established in Berlin

Munich, 15.03.2022. Scalable Capital continues on its path to becoming Europe's leading digital investment platform. As of this week, customers in France and Spain can easily trade stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies, all at low cost with the Scalable Broker, as well as set up ETF, crypto and stock savings plans. Italy and Austria will follow in a few weeks.

‘We want to enable everyone to become an investor - all over Europe’, says Erik Podzuweit, Founder and CEO of Scalable Capital, ‘Saving for retirement concerns us all. The desire for a cost-efficient and simple way to build wealth is pan-European. In both markets we see a great demand for investment alternatives to cash savings accounts. We are meeting this demand with our brokerage and crypto offering.’

International team established in Berlin

For its expansion, Scalable Capital has built up an international team in Berlin in recent months. More than 30 employees from the respective countries already work together across the disciplines of product development, business analysis, marketing and customer success. Adrian Amorin Luna has recently taken on the role of Country Head for Spain. Previously, he was responsible for the Spanish market at the comparison platform Idealo. He will develop the Scalable-Capital platform for Spain, focusing closely on the needs of Spanish customers.

Service in France and Spain comprises broad ETF, stocks and crypto universe as well as commission-free savings plans

With the expansion of its digital investment platform, Scalable Capital is taking on a challenge that many private investors throughout Europe are facing: investing their money profitably in order to build wealth for retirement despite the persistently low interest rate environment and rising inflation. In recent years, savings rates and the readiness to invest in the capital market have increased in both countries.1 Nevertheless, far more than three quarters of the financial assets of Spanish and French savers are currently still in low-interest financial products or simply in bank accounts. With the broker, they can now invest commission-free in over 6,000 shares, more than 1,600 ETFs and 2,200 funds and set up savings plans free of charge. They can also access global investments, such as US stocks, without paying the typically high foreign exchange fees. The pricing options offered are the fee-free model with €0.99 per trade and the flat rate model of €2.99 per month for unlimited trading.

In addition to the Scalable Broker, the previously launched cryptocurrency offering ‘Scalable Crypto’ is also available in the international markets. Clients can invest in cryptocurrencies conveniently and intuitively via secure access to regulated exchanges. An investment is possible as a one-time purchase and as a savings plan. Clients don’t need their own crypto wallet, since the crypto securities can be held on the custody account.

1Sources: Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), Eurostat, Statista

About Scalable Capital

Scalable Capital is a leading digital investment platform in Europe that makes investing easy and affordable for everyone. With the Scalable Broker, customers can trade shares, ETFs, funds, cryptocurrencies and derivatives independently and thus compile their own portfolio. They can have their savings professionally invested via the digital wealth management service. More than 500,000 customers already use the services.

Scalable Capital was founded in 2014 and is already active in Germany, the UK, France, Spain and Austria. The investment firm, which is supervised by BaFin and the Bundesbank, has more than 6 billion euros on its platform. In addition to its business for private customers, the company develops B2B solutions. Its long-standing partners include ING, Barclays Bank in the UK, the robo-advisor Oskar and the Santander Group in Spain. Scalable Capital employs more than 380 people at its offices in Munich, Berlin and London. Together with the founding and management team around Erik Podzuweit and Florian Prucker, they work to enable everyone to become an investor.

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