ETF wealth management for your child

Invest in your child's financial future with our Robo-Advisor:

  • Global ETF portfolio from €20 per month
  • Start early and benefit from compound interest
  • Make use of your child's tax allowance

When investing, your capital is at risk. Learn more about risk here.
Please note: Children's accounts are currently only possible with our wealth management offer. Scalable Broker accounts can only be opened from a minimum age of 18 years.

Opening an account in 3 steps

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1. Open an account

Register your child on the Scalable Capital homepage.
Please enter your child's details when registering online.
We also ask you to read the following information sheet carefully.

Nur ein Zusatzformular

2. Fill in the form

After completing the online registration, you will receive an email with further information. The following additional documents are required:

  • Account opening form for minors
  • Identification of the child (birth certificate or by PostIdent)

Please send us the documents as a reply to our email (

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3. Identification of the legal guardians

If one or both of the legal guardians are already customers of Scalable Capital with a custody account at Baader Bank, there is no need to re-identify with the Postident links sent by email. Otherwise, we ask the legal guardians to identify themselves using the Postident links sent by email.

Frequently asked questions about children accounts

With which custodian bank is the children's account opened?

Children's accounts are opened with Baader Bank as the custodian bank. Unfortunately, our partner ING is not yet able to offer custody accounts for minors.

How is the child identified?

There are three possible cases

a) Children younger than 10 years:
Please send us a scan of the child's birth certificate.

b) Children older than 10 and younger than 16 years:
If a signed passport or identity card is available, identification can be completed directly via the Scalable customer area. Please note that we do not accept children's passports.

If you don’t have a signed passport or identity card, please send us a scan of the birth certificate by email.

c) Children older than 16 years:
Identification can be done directly in the Scalable client area.

After receiving the online registration, we will send you an email about the identification process with all the necessary information.

How does the identification of the parents take place?

Both legal guardians must be identified via PostIdent. If you already have an account with us (with custody account management at Baader Bank), a verification for the account holder is not required.

After receiving the online registration, we will send you an email regarding the identification process with all necessary information.

Do both parents have to agree to the account?

Yes, if the custody of the minor is shared, the consent and verification of both parents is required.

If they have sole custody, we require proof of custody for this. Once we have received the proof, one sole consent is sufficient. If the legal guardians have different surnames, proof of custody or a marriage certificate is also required.

Are there any additional documents to fill in?

Please complete this additional form. Then sign it and send it back to us (a scan is sufficient).