New at Scalable Broker: Use credit for savings plans

November 3, 2021  |  Scalable Capital
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From now on you are free to choose where the money for your savings plans should come from: Directly from your credit balance or by direct debit from your current account.

There are now two payment methods for savings plans that you can choose freely from: Determine whether the installments for your savings plans should be collected directly from your clearing account or debited from your current account by direct debit.

The payment method can be conveniently specified when setting up a new savings plan and flexibly adjusted for existing savings plans.

To do this, log in to Scalable and select the desired security. If you are in the app, your savings plan will be displayed below the buy or sell option. In the web browser, you will find the savings plan at the top right. If you click on the savings plan, you can change the payment method. Click on "Update savings plan" to confirm.

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