Invest while promoting climate protection

Doing good by investing in a global, sustainable ETF portfolio

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Climate protection strategy

Investing money and actively contributing to climate protection? With the climate protection strategy, you can do both.

You invest in companies around the world that are making their business activities more sustainable. Specifically, you invest in companies that want to reduce their carbon emissions based on the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement in order to drive the change to climate neutrality.

Portfolio allocation

Your portfolio will range from 60% to 100% depending on your individually selected equity quota. Thus, the range
extends from portfolios populated with corporate and government bonds to pure equity investments.

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Current investment universe


Asset class

Financial Product



iShares S&P 500 Paris Aligned UCITS ETF


iShares MSCI Europe Paris-Aligned Climate UCITS ETF


HSBC MSCI Emerging Markets Climate PAB UCITS ETF


HSBC MSCI Japan Climate Paris Aligned UCITS ETF


iShares MSCI Pacific ex-Japan ESG Enhanced UCITS ETF


L&G Clean Energy UCITS ETF

Bond / Govt


Lyxor Green Bond UCITS ETF - Monthly EUR Hedged

What are Paris Aligned ETFs and how
do they differ from SRI ETFs?

The underlying index for ETFs with the addition "Paris Aligned" is a climate index that is oriented towards the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. The focus here is therefore particularly on the topic of decarbonisation and, in contrast to SRI indices, does not include social aspects or criteria of ethical corporate governance.

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ETF costs (TER)

Total costs per year

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